How to connect the device with in easy steps?

How to connect the device with in easy steps?

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HP printers have won the heart of the users for their hassle-free and customer-friendly working. Known for seamless and high-quality printing, HP printers are high in demand. Even though connecting devices with printer is easy but for non-technical users, it seems difficult sometimes. If you are the one who is currently getting it difficult to connect your device with this printer, then let’s have a glance at the 4 easiest steps to connect your device with this excellent printer.
1. First, visit the Google play store and include print application for setting up your device to enjoy the wireless printing.
2. After installing the HP printer service plugin, check out that its toggled on and able to print.
3. Select the print optioning drop-down menu in your browser. Also, here you will get the user-friendly guide by HP printer.
4. Now go to the list of networked printer and choose printer and print your document in a trouble-free.

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